UK-Dorset Farmer uses Prolan
Godlingston Manor Farm in the Isle of Purbeck in Dorset has been using Prolan to lubricate and protect its machinery and assets. Prolan has been tested on a variety of equipment from tractors and diggers to quad bikes to protect from rust and corrosion...........
Proces & Productie Janet Kooren
Bescherming op meerdere fronten
Smeren moet. Dat geldt niet alleen voor jezelf tijdens een half uurtje zonnebaden, maar voor veel mechanische beweegpunten in machines en installaties, bijvoorbeeld voor verwerken en verpakken. ...........
Tauranga Bridge Marina
‘Prolan’ was commissioned to solve major rust corrosion problems at the ‘Tauranga bridge marina -NZ’, where the ends of the bolts holding the marina walkway to the pontoons were rusting away after a 5yr period. Maintenance of approximately 50000 fittings on the piers became a major issue because of the time wasted trying to remove the seized nuts. The rate at which the corrosion occurred also highlighted the short lifespan that could be expected from the original system. Eventually the nut would rust completely away allowing the pontoon to break free and become unsafe.
Agrometer Denmark
‘Agrometer’ were introduced to ‘PROLAN’ products in 2013. They now extensively use ‘PROLAN’ in different departments ranging from assembling their own pumps to protection of sea freight and components sent to overseas customers. The ‘PROLAN GREASE’ has proven to be excellent for the assembly of pumps and has also made the service and installation job much easier for engineers.
Desmi Pumps Denmark
DESMI has large pump units made of different components including – aluminium, stainless steel, hydraulic, and electrical. It is vital that Prolan keeps these connections and systems secure and operational in the harshest of environments.
Dometic Waeco Denmark
Dometic Denmark now use Prolan Heavy Grade Aerosols for general daily use and have seen excellent results already. They say this has given them an advantage over competitors, and even more satisfied customers due to the increased reliability of installations.
Gjol Marine Centre
At the ‘Danfish 2012’ fishing show ‘Arne’ met the ‘Denrex’ team who are the European Distributors for the Prolan range of lanolin based products. ‘Niels Bilde’ a well known Danish fishing guide and keen fisherman who works for Denrex, explained the versatility and benefits of these natural products. The advantage of the Prolan liquid sprays is:
Epoke Denmark
Epoke are world leaders in the manufacture of equipment used to spread salt spray on roads and airports to prevent the formation of ice and combat slippery roads and runways. Since the 1950s, Epoke have made a commitment to develop machines for winter road maintenance in 23 countries worldwide. Epoke were looking for an environmentally friendlier, less toxic alternative to copper and aluminum based products for lubrication. At the same time they wanted to solve corrosion issues created by aggressive products being applied by their machines on roads.
Rena Disaster Tauranga NZ
In October 2011 the cargo ship Rena ran aground on the Astrolabe reef 15 miles off the coast of Port of Tauranga, New Zealand. This ships grounding created one of the worst environmental maritime disasters in New Zealand history. 1300 tonnes of heavy fuel oil and 1700 containers have to be removed. To remove the containers ‘PB Seatow’ set up two large crawler cranes on a large barge that could be moved in close around the shallow waters of the wreck. These cranes would then lift the containers off the wreck and on to a waiting ship to be transported back to Tauranga. This operation would take somewhere between 6 months to 2 years and during this time the two cranes would be exposed to the harse salt water conditions and corrosion.
Landrover Chassis Protection
PROLAN ENDURO PERFORMS EXCELLENT AS A CHASSIS CORROSION INHIBITOR. Enduro Heavy Grade Liquid Lanolin will preserve, lubricate and protect your assets long term by placing a waxy film on the surface. Once applied Prolan will last on for a long period of time – is easy to apply and clean to use.
Panelbeaters rust protection NZ
The teams at Master Panel beaters were having trouble Sourcing their existing rust preventative sprays and were looking for new products, so they set up a test piece of steel outside the front of their workshop to evaluate different products and choose their best option.
Prolan voor staalkabel
Onderhoud van gevlochten staalkabel is een lastig onderwerp, het is een tijdrovende klus en blijft terugkomen. Als het met de regulieren oliën of vetten gebeurt moet met het periodiek blijven doen om slijtage te voorkomen. Waarom ? Omdat oliën en vetten “wegspoelen”. Als we aan boord van een zeegaand schip rondkijken zijn de kabels bijna altijd geroest. Hier komen de eigenschappen van Prolan zeer goed tot hun recht, Prolan MEDIUM heeft een zeer penetrerende werking en dringt door tot in de kern van de kabel. En laat zich daar ook niet meer “wegspoelen of “wegpersen”. Omdat het ook zout en pekel bestendig is komt het op zee helemaal tot zijn recht.
Truckwash Rijnsburg
Ommen & Moller Denmark use Prolan
Niels Bilde the sales engineer at Denrex introduced the Prolan products to a foreman at Ommen & Møller, who tested it for some years on piles and columns in the fjords that were exposed to the salt air environment. They found that the surfaces were looking the same as the day the Prolan Enduro Heavy Grade had been applied even after 6 months.........
Hartmann Denmark
The team at ‘Hartmann’ were introduced to the ‘PROLAN’ range of products by a recommendation from a world leading pump producer. The pumps and production equipment at ‘Hartmann’ were extremely corroded from the paper pulp production working conditions at high temperature. The maintenance staff have found over the last 3-4 years that the ‘PROLAN GREASE’ has surpassed any product they have used to prevent corrosion and general maintenance.
Praestbro Denmark
Præstbro Maskiner are a Danish agricultural dealer who sell agricultural equipment and weighing systems to crop farmers, golf courses, parks and community gardens. This company is family owned with a high reputation for standing behind the products that they sell and maintain. There is a constant battle to beat moisture and corrosion problems on the equipment that they service and sell. Præstbro Maskiner have been looking for a product that would simplify the range of lubricant and moisture preventative products that they use on a daily basis.
Windtech Denmark
‘Windtech’ use ProLan today to protect all exposed steel surfaces such as gear wheels, shaft ends, hydraulic fittings and electrical components during and after repair. ‘Windtech’ has seen the huge difference Prolan makes, especially where wind turbines are located offshore in a very aggressive salt air environment. For this reason ‘Windtech’ have asked their subcontracted installation teams to use Prolan during re-installation of the wind turbines.
J Petersen
As they say; “we have been in this business since 1869 and have seen everything on the market – and nothing has performed like Prolan does for us today in the extreme environment we have with acid in the air from the hot galvanising – we can now stop corrosion and use Prolan in hundreds of applications”
Esbjerg Port Denmark
“I can give PROLAN our best recommendations and we are sure that many harbours could benefit from using ‘Prolan’ to solve problems and to reduce the numbers of products/chemicals used,” says Mr. Hans Christian Lindholm.
Toyota Denmark
A new world has come to ‘Hanherred & Himmerland’s’. They have managed car sales for 3 generations and have always had top quality – the customers trust the garages. When ‘Hanherred & Himmerland’ garages express that ‘Prolan’ is the best that has happened for their garages for the last 30 years – you can appreciate that they don’t say this lightly. • “We recommend ‘PROLAN’ all the time. We are 100 % convinced and can see the difference. It is now part of our day, to hear and see how Prolan has solved problems and works.” • “THE QUALITY IS JUST LIKE TOYOTA !!!”, regards manager’s ‘Brian Pedersen’ and garage manager ‘Jens Kr. Jensen’.
Quadbike chassis treatment NZ
Quad bikes are an essential part of the New Zealand dairy farmer and recreational riders world. The corrosive nature of the cow manure on farms and salt from beaches causes the framework of the quad bike to rust out. Some bikes are treated with a diesel and oil mixture, however this evaporates off and breaks down in approximately 3 months. Most frames rust through on the front steering wishbone where the muck has built up over the top, and the owner is therefore unaware what is happening underneath or the safety issues about to present themselves. When the wishbone finally gives way all steering is lost and the bike is off over a bank or into a drain.
Mussel Spat Farmers NZ
Spat Supplies are one of the few companies in the world who collect wild green lipped mussel spat off the coast of New Zealand. To do this they use large loaders and drive these completely into the surf to collect the spat. This all has to be done with the utmost urgency when the tides, weather patterns and winds are all in the correct alignment. The starter motors on the loaders then fill with salt water which wrecks the wiring and bearings inside the starter. These starters have to be replaced after the collecting the spat as the old one is then useless and thrown away.
Independent Stevedoring NZ
‘Independent Stevedoring Ltd ‘operate at the ‘Port of Tauranga’ loading and unloading cargo from the busy container ships. Part of this work is to load logs onto the ships with a wire rope and spreader system. Some of the ropes are left around the cargo to allow easier removal when they reach their final destination. The ropes and twitches are then shipped back as deck cargo to NZ and rust during transit. Wire ropes rust on the inner strands and twitches also freeze solid because of the rust and have to be thrown away.
Toepassingen van Prolan in de hydraulic
Prolan kan worden toegepast als conservering van hydraulische cilinders, maar ook de aansluitingen kunnen er zeer goed mee worden beschermd. Het aanbrengen van tape als bescherming is niet altijd even makkelijk, kost tijd en als er toch wel vocht onder de tape komt gaat de kwaliteit van de aansluiting erg snel achteruit. Bovendien is Prolan ook een UV licht blokker, dus slangen en kunstof kan men er ook uitstekend mee beschermen. Hydraulische slangen moeten om de max. 5 jaar worden vernieuwd, er is dus geld te verdienen als de aansluitingen goed beschermd zijn en dus makkelijk en snel los te maken zijn...........