Penetrates · Resists corrosion · Attacks rust
Creates condensation barrier · Good lubricant properties
Spoelt niet weg, Prolan is 170bar hogedruk bestendig
Environmentally friendly
Chemicaliën vervanger
Beter en sneller alternatief voor Denso Tape
Pekelwater bestendig
Bestand tegen Loog
Food & water safe

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What is ProLan?

ProLan is an extremely versatile natural product that protects, lubricates and preserves and is therefore very versatile, including:
· All metal surfaces - both above and below water
· Maritime equipment - both above and below water
· Electrical system insulation, connections up to 70KV
· Industrial machinery and equipment
· Maintenance and protection of food processing machinery
· Agricultural machinery and equipment
ProLan provides protection by covering the surface and bonding, which prevents moisture and oxygen from causing corrosion and stops electrolysis when using different metals. ProLan prevents rusting and remains active, without evaporating or washing away. ProLan is acid resistant and resistant to acids, salts, fertilizers, acetone and thinner and corrosive elements in general


Lanolin, the main ingredient in ProLan, is a completely natural product:
purified wool fat. Lanolin comes from the natural product that sheep secrete from their sebaceous glands to create a protective surface on their wool fibers, it is an extremely versatile material.
This unique, natural product has proven to be a fantastic agent that can prevent corrosion in an environmentally friendly and efficient manner and provides protection for passenger cars, buses, commercial vehicles, industrial machines, railways, ships and aircraft.
Our references have spoken clearly for years, it works and it is versatile. ProLan products, combined with processing technologies, have more than proven themselves in the fight against rust. ProLan products can be found, for example, in offshore, windmill construction and maintenance, in the industrial and agricultural sector, and in bodywork construction. Due to its unique provenance and the required certificates, ProLan is also a very popular product in the food processing industry.


Of course it is never the intention to let lubricants come into contact with food or drinking water: this is subject to very strict rules. However, during production processes lubricants can still end up in food or drinking water due to many factors, such as leakage or careless use.
All ProLan products have an NSF certificate and / or a Drinking Water certificate. This means that our products are safe to be used in the food industry, catering and drinking water installations. If you get an audit, you will certainly be asked.
Food safe lubricants should not only be used in slaughterhouses and bakeries, for example. Also think of wholesalers in meat, fish, vegetables and fruit, flowers and plants and breweries, or in the production of chocolate, salads, juices, etc.
In addition to certifying food grade lubricants, we can also issue a Drinking Water Certificate. The use of ProLan lubricant in food production or as a seal in drinking water installations guarantees safe use and also offers economic benefits.